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René Eckhardt
Ambassador of Dutch music

In 1978 pianist René Eckhardt gave his first performances outside the Netherlands. The invitations came from Belgia and France. Nowadays he is known in more than thirty countries. He gave concerts in many European countries, the United States, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan. Eckhardt never leaves the Netherlands without packing at least a few scores of Dutch composers.

Several  Dutch composers such as  Theo Loevendie, Otto Ketting, Ton de Leeuw, Roel van Oosten, Robin de Raaff and Jan Vriend dedicated compositions to René Eckhardt or to chamber ensembles in which he plays. As a soloist or in various chamber ensembles he has recorded  over twenty CD's.  

The CD TON de Leeuw: Chamber Music with a piano solo by René Eckhardt was awarded an Edison Classic 1993.

His CD Tribute 2000 is amongst others a tribute to several Dutch composers.

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“Dutch new music may consider itself fortunate having an envoy like René Eckhardt who rates sound judgement as highly as a perfect playing technique and for whom contacts with composers are as important as striking the right note."

(Johan Kolsteeg in Key Notes)

Eckhardt’s personal choice

highlights of the Dutch piano music from 1944 till today


Rudolf Escher Arcana Musae Dona (1944)
Peter Schat   Anathema (1969)
Theo Loevendie      Strides (1976)
Ton de Leeuw       Les Adieux (1988)
Toek Numan   Hoeken en Dalen (2000) *
Roderik de Man Auxochromes voor piano & CD (2001) *
FLORIAN MAIER Luciferase Liquid Music no.1 
voor piano en electronics
(2006) *

*dedicated to René Eckhardt


A short explanation

The recital starts with a monumental piano work by Rudolf Escher, composed during World War II , Arcana Musae Dona ('Secret Remedies given by the Muse') which was meant - in the composers own words - as 'an expression of inspiring spirit against degeneration and destruction'. 

Peter Schat, a pupil of Berio and Boulez, wrote Anathema in 1969, a time in which melody writing was not done (‘anathema’). 

Strides by Theo Loevendie is based on a characteristic element of the Harlem stride style of jazz playing around 1920. 

In  Les Adieux by Ton de Leeuw, a pupil of Messiaen, all registers of the grand piano sound in all its glory. 

Toek Numan is a succesful upcoming talent in the Netherlands. Energy and imagination are striking characteristics of his piano work Hoeken en Dalen.

Auxochromes, which means 'intensified colours’, is a dynamic work for piano and electronics, written in 2001 by Roderik de Man. It is an exciting dialogue between the piano and the electronic part. The electronics are all based on sounds from the piano.  

For Florian Maier the inspiration behind this piano solo piece was the enchanting beauty of bioluminescence in the jellyfish off the deep ocean. "Luciferase" is the name of the enzyme that causes this astonishing effect. Maier tried to translate the ungraspable display of colors and shapes into sound. Out came a basically homophonic string of notes, colored by prerecorded reverberating piano strings in the electronics.


 CV René Eckhardt Enter NL DUTCH