CV René Eckhardt





Twelve compositions for piano  

 by René Eckhardt

LABEL: NM Extra (NM 98019)


'Eckhardt proves that he is able to handle intimate compositions as well as the particularly complex music.'
(Het Parool, January 2001)

'With René Eckhardt, known as a pianist of hard to play complex music, melancholy and simplicity are also in excellent hands.'
(de Volkskrant, January 2001)

'Fascinating piano music in which much happens.' (De Gelderlander, January 2001)

'The pianist pays not only a select tribute to composers he admires but also presents an impressive image of the different composition styles after World War II.'
(Het Brabants Dagblad, February 2001)

'A beautiful collage of ten outsiders who made history. René Eckhardt made a precise and expressive recording as usual.'
(Mens & Melodie, March 2001)


The CD comes complete with the book by Saar Roelofs

Ten Composer Portraits in Word and Image

Tien Componistenportretten 
in woord en beeld

Toru Takemitsu  Rain Tree Sketch II (1992)iano Distance  (196)
Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992 From: Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus (1944):
Regard No. XVI & XVII
Ton de Leeuw   Drie Afrikaanse etudes (1954)
Jos Kunst 
Solo Identity II (1973)
John Cage  
Music for Marcel Duchamp (1947)
Karel Goeyvaerts 
Pas à Pas (1985)
Tera de Marez Oyens  
Sonatine (1963)
Tristan Keuris 
Sonata for piano (1970)
Ton Bruynèl  
Toccare for soundtracks 
& piano (1979)
Astor Piazzolla 
arr. René Eckhardt
Milonga del Ángel (1965)


'Eckhardt plays the compositions with 
virtuosity, accuracy and subtlety, in the 
midst of beautiful portraits which Saar Roelofs created with profound understanding and convincing brushstrokes.'
(De Gelderlander, January 2000)

"Psychologically striking portraits" 
public press: Het Parool).  

“Remarkable portraits.  (professional journal: Mens & Melodie, March 2001)

"The painted portraits show a convincing likeness with the represented persons.
Music for beginning as well as advanced music lovers, from Messiaen to Piazzolla, a program which gives a good image of composing after World War II."
professional journals: De Muze van het Museumplein, Summer issue 2001; Oorsprong, November 2001)


Ten composer portraits 
in word, image and sound

In 2000/2003 pianist René Eckhardt and painter 
Saar Roelofs
made a concert tour in the Netherlands with their program Tribute - Ten Composer Portraits in Word, Image and Sound, which was performed among others in: 

Music Centre Vredenburg in Utrecht
Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam 
Oosterpoort in Groningen 
Museum Van Bommel Van Dam in Venlo
De Toonzaal in Den Bosch. 

This production formed a tribute to then ten composer mentioned above. During the piano recitals portraits of the composers, painted by Saar Roelofs, were exhibited in the concert hall and /or as projected on the stage. See Composer Portraits.


CV René Eckhardt



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